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If you are celebrating your wedding in the Adelaide Hills then it is very convenient to use a local Adelaide Hills Wedding Florist to prepare your flowers. The Adelaide Hills is a fabulous location to celebrate your wedding day with many excellent top-quality venues that provide a perfect back drop no matter what the season.

How a good Adelaide Hills wedding florist can make your Spring or Summer wedding perfect.

Spring has been the traditional time for weddings with the new life in nature being compared to a new life together with your life partner. There are so many options to choose from in Spring and Summer as almost any flower is in season at some time during these periods. The most popular flowers available at this time of the year are Roses and Singapore Orchids; Carnations; Hydrangeas, Kangaroo Paw, Phaleanopsis Orchids’, Freeias, Delphiniums, Peonies, Gladioli, Hydrangers, Iris, Poppies, Gerberas,  Chrysanthemums. While it is traditional to have real flowers at your wedding a growing number of brides are opting for silk flowers as it is almost impossible to distinguish good quality silk flowers from real ones. The other reason is that for most brides their wedding day is the day they have thought about since they were a little girl and having another reminder of that day to keep forever is very important. Many brides now keep these real reminders of the happiest day of their lives on their dressing table or close at hand.

How a good Adelaide Hills wedding florist can make you Autumn or Winter wedding perfect.

An Autumn or Winter wedding can be extremely romantic if you choose a venue with a large roaring fire set in a rural location often with overnight accommodation so your guests can truly relax and let their hair down. The most popular flowers available at this time of the year are Dahlias, Arum Liies, Gardenias, Tulips, Chrysanthemums, David Austin Roses, Camellias, Gladiolis, Jonquils, Freesias. Flower choices at this time of the year can be restrictive but not if you choose your flowers as silk wedding flowers which allows you to have any combination of colours and flower type all year long.

How a good Adelaide Hills wedding florist can match your wedding flowers to your theme or dress colour.

One thing that really makes a wedding day special is continuity and a great way to have a consistent wedding day is to match the Bride’s colours to the flowers. This may sound simple but in reality it is more complex than many imagine. By using a tried and tested flower and colour consultant they can provide an amazing visual experience for your family and guests. The old saying a picture paints a thousand words is never truer when you see the photographs of your wedding and the effect that beautiful flower displays can produce. You only get one chance to make a memory so give yourself the best chance by maximising the effect flowers can have. This is where silk flowers come into their own as it is easy to get the perfect colour and have a consistent colour throughout the whole of your wedding displays. You can be guaranteed all the colours in advance, not have to wait until the day and accept whatever turns up if the flowers are not available.

There are so many things to organise for your wedding day and the smart Bride takes advantage of the help offered by experts in their on field. Let the professional you choose in each area give you the benefit of their experience and expertise. But choose wisely as inexperienced  professionals can add to your problems rather than help to eliminate them. Flowers for Weddings specialise in helping Brides to realise their potential and have a day to remember. Check out how we do it HERE.

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